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Individuals and Families

Wealth Management SolutionsWealth expands opportunities. It also expands your need for advisors who keep the full extent of your financial life in order while valuing your trust and confidence above all else.

AAF Wealth Management was built to meet this need. Our comprehensive financial planning, investment expertise, and commitment to the highest ethical standards make us the rare partner that can truly help you enjoy your financial freedom.

We believe that the future you envision cannot be achieved through investments alone. It is instead made real through the interplay of all the elements that comprise your financial life.

Our approach can be summarized in four words:


At AAF Wealth Management, we developed and fine-tuned our approach over the course of nearly three decades managing wealth for high net worth families and individuals. We are an independent advisor and a fiduciary, which means all our work is geared to meet your best interests.

Our affiliation with AAFCPAs, one of the largest CPA firms in Massachusetts, also allows us to focus on your future with the full support of 240+ tax, estate, and investment management professionals.

We know that while financial strategies may have common characteristics, your goals are personal, unique, and in progress. We listen to you carefully to understand what is most important to you before considering the right path. We then use our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®)-based approach to provide a holistic, tax-efficient, and intelligent portfolio centered on your goals—and your goals alone.

Achieve Your Financial Goals