Kyle Bourke

Financial Planning Associate


Kyle is a Financial Planning Associate at AAF Wealth Management, responsible for providing valuable financial planning and investment advisory support under the direction of the firm’s senior Wealth Advisors.

Kyle performs several of the necessary tasks needed to develop a meaningful personal financial plan for our clients. He assists in gathering and analyzing financial reports and records from individuals and families, and initiates modeling of financial scenarios. He helps determine how assets should be allocated and makes preliminary recommendations to senior Wealth Advisors on a course of action.

Kyle also assists senior Wealth Advisors in preparing visual aids for the client, including customized charts, graphs, and histograms to help clients make informed financial decisions. He is proactive and responsive in answering questions that may arise to help ensure excellence in client service and peace of mind. He is detail oriented and accountable for ensuring plans are followed and helps make changes over time as appropriate.

Kyle is earning his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional credential, expected in 2024. Prior to joining AAF Wealth Management, Kyle gained 3 years’ experience as an auditor with AAFCPAs. For years, he has been engrossed in his interest in personal financial planning and investing and is excited to lend his passion, as well as his financial and operational expertise, to helping clients gain confidence in managing every aspect of their financial life. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

“Money is a top cause of stress for many Americans, and I’m delighted to be a resource for eliminating financial anxiety. The ability to offer meaningful advice and clarity is the aspect of my job that is most rewarding.”
Kyle Bourke