Estate Planning

A well-thought out, customized and documented estate plan is a key component of your personal financial plan. It is most critical to providing you and your family with peace of mind. Whether you plan to transfer your wealth to family members, business colleagues, or to your charity of choice, AAF Wealth Management, in conjunction with AAFCPAs, can help ensure that the transfer is consistent with your legacy objectives.

We appreciate how hard you work for your wealth. AAF Wealth Management provides advice and guidance to help ensure your wishes are carried out, while controlling risks, including: taxes, legal fees, and court costs.

Estate Planning solutions include:

  • Development of your will or living trust to include:
    • Instructions for passing on your wealth
    • Instructions for your care if you become disabled before you die
    • Naming a guardian and an inheritance manager for minor children
    • Provisions to provide for family members with special needs without disrupting government benefits
    • Provisions for loved ones who might be irresponsible with money or who may need future protection from creditors or divorce
  • Asset Protection guidance, including:
    • Life insurance so you are able to provide for your family at your death
    • Disability income insurance to replace your income if you cannot work due to illness or injury
    • Long-term care insurance to help pay for your care in case of an extended illness or injury
  • Provide for the transfer of your business at your retirement, disability, or death
  • Understanding and minimizing the tax implications, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees
  • AAF Wealth Management will review your plan as needed as your family and financial situations (and laws) change over your lifetime

As an affiliate of AAFCPAs, AAF Wealth Management is able to leverage shared knowledge, providing insight into long-range planning, with full consideration for tax implications. AAF Wealth Management’s multi-disciplinary team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals, Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and estate planning consultants with comprehensive knowledge of financial planning and extensive estate, tax, retirement, and risk management experience.

We help to safeguard and maximize our clients’ personal and family wealth. AAF Wealth Management’s solutions are designed for those who appreciate tax optimization, transparency, integrity, independence, and personalization.