Nonprofits and Foundations

AAF Wealth Management provides institutional investment advice and money management, financial planning & consulting, executive deferred compensation and retirement plan consulting, and succession planning solutions for nonprofits, private foundations and public charities.

The stronger you are financially, the better you are able to serve your community. AAF Wealth Management constructs financial strategies which help you enhance and leverage the use of your assets for short and long-term goals, optimize the services you are able to provide, and further your mission.

Solutions Include:

  • Development of spending policies
  • Development of investment policy statements
  • Asset allocation and investment selection
  • Institutional investment portfolio management and periodic rebalancing
  • Liquidity strategies
  • IRS, UPMIFA, and other compliance requirement updates
  • Improved fiduciary defendability
  • Training and updates for nonprofit fiduciaries on financial-management best practices
  • Executive benefits and compensation planning
  • Business transition and succession planning
  • Education as needed and appropriate

AAF Wealth Management is an affiliate of AAFCPAs. AAFCPAs has been helping sophisticated nonprofits succeed since 1973. Together, we serve family trusts, arts & cultural organizations, foundations, educational institutions, human & social services providers, healthcare institutions, and associations.

We fully understand the challenges and complexities of managing financial endowments, including: investment constraints, liquidity needs, perpetuity goals, and fiduciary responsibilities. We invite you to take advantage of the decades of experience accumulated by AAFCPAs in the course of advising sophisticated nonprofits and foundations of all sizes.

Our Mission is to provide valuable peace of mind to those who share the awesome responsibility to manage wealth.

How we help nonprofits and foundations

Identify and prioritize goals

Today’s trustees and financial officers are charged with supporting the goals of the organization, while also managing their investable funds as well as the organization’s spending requirements. We work diligently to understand your mission, unique investment constraints, liquidity needs, and perpetuity goals.

Manage risks

Trustees and financial officers face complex laws and regulations, lack of fee transparency, conflicts of interest, and increased scrutiny by donors and regulators. AAF Wealth Management operates as a skilled partner of your Investment Committee, providing objective guidance, proactive oversight and fiduciary advice regarding prudent & responsible management of the institution’s investments.

Implement a sound investment strategy

AAF Wealth Management helps nonprofits and foundations develop thoughtful and comprehensive Investment Policy Statements and Spending Policies, which serve as a blueprint and a report card for investment performance. In addition, we help manage investments and ensure these are consistent with the organization’s mission, while controlling risks and optimizing investment performance.

Closely monitor and adjust as needed

Even the simplest institutional investment strategies need rebalancing on occasion. Your unique investment constraints, liquidity needs, and perpetuity goals will most certainly evolve and change over time. In order to keep your investment strategy aligned with your objectives, we provide close monitoring and meet as needed to suggest adjustments to help you stay on track.