Asset Protection

In order to protect what you have, it is often prudent to take defensive measures. AAF Wealth Management, in conjunction with our support team, provides effective asset protection solutions that insulate your assets, while providing you with valuable peace of mind so you may concentrate on enjoying your life.

Each case is different, and involves both legal and financial strategies to protect your specific financial goals, asset portfolio, and personal or business liabilities. AAF Wealth Management provides boutique asset protection strategies for high-net-worth individuals and their families and business owners. Our services are designed for those who appreciate tax optimization, transparency, integrity, independence, and personalization.

Asset Protection solutions include:

  • In-depth discussions to identify what assets need to be shielded, and what current measures are in place for risk management
  • Recommendations based on the most appropriate asset protection measures and strategies, including:
    • Strategic business entity structuring, to protect your personal assets from your business ones
    • Homestead and other legal measures such as titling (tenants by the entirety, or tenancy in common), to protect home equity and other personal property from potential liability
    • A complete analysis of your insurance portfolio to identify gaps in coverage, or opportunities for savings. This may include an analysis of your homeowners, commercial liability or errors and omissions coverage, worker’s compensation, auto, long-term care insurance and/or umbrella coverage
    • Usage of retirement accounts, such as IRAs and other ERISA-qualified retirement plans, as a vehicle to protect long-term savings as well as provide tax benefits
    • Irrevocable trusts, and other strategic giving programs, which may also provide tax benefits
  • Work as a team with your estate planning attorney to determine opportunities and limitations in state, Federal, or foreign-specific measures and strategies, and to draft the necessary legal documents required to carry out your wishes. We have tax specialists on the AAFCPAs staff with expertise in tax law pertaining to wealth preservation vehicles who will use all of the rules under the law to help ensure that you have every opportunity to protect and save your assets.
  • On-going review of your asset protection strategy, especially after signification life events, to help ensure that your plan is meeting your goals and objectives with the least amount of risks, and with the least amount paid in taxes, and insurance premiums

AAF Wealth Management provides needs-based solutions based on what is most appropriate for our clients. We choose to be an independent, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, and we feel that our independence is key to offering financial advice based on what is best for our clients.