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Our Approach

In order to develop a meaningful financial plan or cogent institutional investment strategy, it is important to start with a solid foundation.

AAF Wealth Management is more than an investment advisor. Our comprehensive wealth management solutions blend objective investment advice, financial planning and real-world goal setting to best meet your short and long-term goals, while controlling risks.

We are led by a team of senior investment professionals, committed to ensuring high-quality, high-touch client service. We emphasize continuous and regular account supervision. We will converse as needed to review your investment strategy and if necessary, rebalance or change the portfolio based upon your evolving needs, goals and objectives.

Our personalized, holistic approach is the same, regardless of whether you are an individual managing wealth, or an institutional investor with fiduciary responsibility for organizational wealth.

AAF Wealth Management's Approach
  Get to know you and your current financial situation... identify and prioritize goals  
Every financial planning situation is unique and requires a careful and comprehensive plan. We work diligently to understand each client’s needs, circumstances, priorities, and goals and then set clear financial objectives and a plan to achieve them.
Today’s trustees and financial officers are charged with supporting the goals of the organization, while also managing their investable funds as well as the organization’s spending requirements. We work diligently to understand your mission, unique investment constraints, liquidity needs, and perpetuity goals.
An employee retirement plan can be an excellent way to attract, retain and motivate employees. Plan sponsors and plan trustees must determine participation parameters, plan structure, investment choices and, in some cases, provide contribution payments in the form of cash and/or stock. AAF Wealth Management helps organizations develop tailored and flexible solutions designed for individual circumstances of plan sponsors and employees, and based on available resources.
  Manage Risks…  
As part of the financial planning and wealth management process, we provide specialized solutions to address the complex risk areas that often arise when you accumulate wealth, such as: complicated tax situations, asset protection, estate planning, assisting you with the sale of your business, trusts, and intergenerational issues. Members of the AAF Wealth Management team are also CPAs, and deep tax expertise is applied to all financial plans and investment management. Our goal is to control risks, including the effect of taxes on your investments.
Trustees and financial officers face complex laws and regulations, lack of fee transparency, conflicts of interest, and increased scrutiny by donors and regulators. AAF Wealth Management operates as a skilled partner of your Investment Committee, providing objective guidance, proactive oversight and fiduciary advice regarding prudent & responsible management of the institution’s investments.
Plan sponsors take on substantial personal risks. As a decision-maker, you are a fiduciary, personally liable for the prudent management of someone else’s money. In addition, retirement plans continue to receive increased scrutiny from regulators and in the court of public opinion. AAF Wealth Management provides fiduciary consulting and investment advisory solutions for organizations so they are able to deliver the best possible retirement benefits to employees while controlling risks.
  Implement a sound investment strategy…  
Investment planning is a disciplined process, and begins with a well-documented strategy. AAF Wealth Management will consult with you to provide a written, measurable investment strategy which is unique to your goals, circumstances, and risk tolerance. We find that documented investment strategies help mitigate emotional investment decisions and lead to well-informed decision making, and more consistent investment performance.
AAF Wealth Management helps nonprofits and foundations develop thoughtful and comprehensive Investment Policy Statements and Spending Policies, which serve as a blueprint and a report card for investment performance. In addition, we help manage investments and ensure these are consistent with the organization’s mission, while controlling risks and optimizing investment performance.
AAF Wealth Management offers consulting and independent and objective investment advice to fiduciaries of retirement plans. We assist plan sponsors and trustees in establishing, monitoring and reviewing their company’s participant-directed retirement plan. As your needs dictate, we may also provide advice on: investment options, plan structure and participant education.

Our goal is to design balanced plans that are compelling enough to sponsors and employees, and considered reasonable and not excessive to onlookers, while also ensuring the financial success and long-term viability of the sponsor. Plans are structured with a perspective of tax optimization.
  Closely monitor and adjust as needed…  
Solutions do not stop at plan design, because we know that even the simplest financial planning and asset allocation strategies need rebalancing on occasion. Your life story, goals and financial needs will most certainly evolve and change over time. In order to keep your financial plan aligned with your objectives, we provide close monitoring and meet as needed to suggest adjustments as appropriate to help you stay on track.
Even the simplest institutional investment strategies need rebalancing on occasion. Your unique investment constraints, liquidity needs, and perpetuity goals will most certainly evolve and change over time. In order to keep your investment strategy aligned with your objectives, we provide close monitoring and meet as needed to suggest adjustments to help you stay on track.
In order to continue to provide the best possible benefit to employees, with the least amount of risk, we provide on-going evaluation of fund performance to help ensure investment plans are meeting investment goals while controlling risks. We provide personal attention, and help ensure that your employees are making the best decisions possible, so they may realize the maximum after-tax benefit of their retirement plan.