What Sets Us Apart

Honest and Ethical Advisors:

Managing wealth is an awesome responsibility. AAF Wealth Management was founded to fulfill some unmet client needs for honest, independent, objective financial advice for the individual. It needed to be of the highest caliber of quality, ethics, and with a full appreciation of tax implications. Our client-base quickly grew to include institutional investors as well as individuals. We choose needs-based solutions and our recommendations are based on our clients’ best interests, and not based on the advisor’s commission structure. We believe that the trust we earn provides our clients with valuable peace of mind.

True Independence:

AAF Wealth Management chooses to be an independent, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, and we feel that our independence is key to offering financial planning and investment advice based on what is best for our clients.

Depth of Tax Knowledge and Resources:

As an affiliate of AAFCPAs, AAF Wealth Management is able to leverage shared knowledge, providing insight into long-range planning, with full consideration for tax implications. We are led by a team of senior investment professionals, committed to ensuring high-quality, high-touch client service, with the deep resources of the 10th largest CPA firm in Massachusetts.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals (CFPs®), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®), and estate planning & tax strategists with comprehensive knowledge of financial planning and extensive tax, estate, retirement, investment, and risk management experience.


No two individuals are alike. We are good listeners and begin with a genuine concern for you and your responsibility to manage wealth. We do not rush through this stage of diligence. We want you to feel the chemistry is right for a long-term, trusted relationship.

AAF Wealth Management’s goal is to offer peace of mind in the form of objective financial advice based solely on your needs and goals – delivered clearly and comprehensively. We provide personal attention and guide our clients toward achieving their goals through informed, objective decisions, all while proactively controlling the inherent risks.