Individual Investment Management

You place a great deal of trust in your wealth advisor. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. At AAF Wealth Management, we offer transparent portfolio construction, monitoring, and administration, all aimed at providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Strategies Rooted in Data and Experience

We offer personal financial plans based on each client’s unique goals, vision, and personal data, powered by a methodical portfolio construction that considers global economic indicators, market trends, and historical data, with funds strategically allocated and adjusted to help advance your vision.

Open Architecture Meets Holistic Planning

Let us design a plan that helps you live life on your terms. AAF Wealth Management operates as an independent investment advisory firm free from ties to specific products or companies.  As fiduciaries, our advisors are held to the highest standard of care and choose financial products based solely on suitability and your best interest versus limiting your reach to a specific family of funds or investment products. Personalized investment portfolios and financial plans provide an accounting for cash flow, tax efficiency, asset protection, estate planning, and philanthropic aspirations.

Absolute Confidence and Transparency

Investors need to clearly comprehend all implications and risks associated with various options. We place education front and center, providing jargon-free counsel and easy-to-understand performance reports designed to boost awareness and steer decision making. As fiduciaries, we lead with transparency, making sure you always know what’s in your portfolio and why it’s there. As your goals evolve, so will your investment portfolio.

We want to be there to support you throughout all of life’s phases. At AAF Wealth Management, you gain a committed financial advisor who takes the time to get to know you, grow with you, and walk along with you on that path.

Cerise Lim Jacobs talks about the canopy of service offered by One Firm!

Cerise Lim Jacobs, Founder and Executive Producer of White Snake Projects, is a current client. Cerise and her late husband Charles have had a 50+ year relationship with AAFCPAs and AAF Wealth Management. It was important to Cerise and Charles to have a “one stop shop,” with everyone in one firm that they trusted.