Client Testimonials

Jan & Jef: Unique from the very beginning…

Jan and Jef D’Entremont are current clients. They came to AAF Wealth Management in search of a holistic approach to their financial planning, one that would look at all aspects of their assets and income to help construct to a path for early retirement. AAF Wealth Management provides personal financial planning, investment management, estate planning, and tax planning & compliance services.

Cerise Lim Jacobs talks about the canopy of service offered by One Firm!

Cerise Lim Jacobs, Founder and Executive Producer of White Snake Projects, is a current client. Cerise and her late husband Charles have had a 50+ year relationship with AAFCPAs and AAF Wealth Management. It was important to Cerise and Charles to have a “one stop shop,” with everyone in one firm that they trusted.

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