Institutional Investing

AAF Wealth Management provides institutional investment solutions for Nonprofits, Foundations and Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors to ensure that investment decisions are consistent with your organization’s mission and goals, while controlling risks.

Whether you are responsible for an endowment that you need to preserve through perpetuity, or if you are a fiduciary with accountability and personally liability for the responsible investment of employee benefits, AAF Wealth Management provides investment advisory solutions that are independent and objective, and that consider you and your stakeholder’s mission and goals.

Institutional Investing solutions include:

  • Guidance regarding fiduciary responsibilities
  • Development of Investment Policy Statements
  • Recommendations regarding asset allocation and investment selection
  • Risk management, including: liquidity, interest rate, credit, and operational risks
  • Development of Spending Policies
  • Recordkeeping and reporting of portfolio balances
  • Evaluation of whether investments are meeting goals, and effectively controlling risks
  • Updates on IRS and other regulatory compliance requirements
  • Education for fiduciaries, trustees, employees and owners
  • Portfolio customization based on lender relationships, regulations, and socially responsible investing strategies
  • Portfolio management, on-going monitoring, and rebalancing

Today’s trustees and financial officers face personal liability, complex laws and regulations, lack of fee transparency, conflicts of interest, and increased scrutiny by investors and regulators. AAF Wealth Management operates as a skilled partner of your Investment Committee, providing guidance, oversight and fiduciary advice regarding prudent & responsible management of the institution’s investments.

We provide guidance and financial-management best practices so nonprofits and foundations are able to preserve and optimize financial assets, and so plan sponsors may protect and optimize the retirement assets of employees who participate in employer-sponsored plans. We invite you to take advantage of the decades of experience accumulated by AAFCPAs, an affiliate of AAF Wealth Management, in the course of advising nonprofits, foundations and employee benefit plans of all kinds and sizes.

AAF Wealth Management chooses to be a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and as such, we are not beholden to any one company or its investment products. We are free to recommend any investment product or strategy that is in our clients’ best interest.