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Wealth expands opportunities. It also expands your need for advisors who keep the full extent of your financial life in order while valuing your trust and confidence above all else.

AAF Wealth Management was built to meet this need. Our comprehensive financial planning, investment expertise, and commitment to the highest ethical standards make us the rare partner that can truly help you enjoy your financial freedom.

We believe that the future you envision cannot be achieved through investments alone. It is instead made real through the interplay of all the elements that comprise your financial life.

Jan & Jef: Unique from the very beginning…

Jan and Jef D’Entremont are current clients. They came to AAF Wealth Management in search of a holistic approach to their financial planning, one that would look at all aspects of their assets and income to help construct to a path for early retirement. AAF Wealth Management provides personal financial planning, investment management, estate planning, and tax planning & compliance services.

Your financial journey with AAF Wealth Management

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From The Desk of Kevin Hodson

From The Desk of Kevin Hodson

From the Desk of Kevin Hodson

During the past few months, we’ve been reviewing client accounts for tax strategies, i.e., losses, and preparing for Q3. I’ve also been having great conversations with clients about the direction of interest rates and inflation. In short, there’s been little movement. The Fed is keeping interest rates at their current levels and projecting just one […]

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From The Desk of Andrew Hammond

From The Desk of Andrew Hammond

From the Desk of Andrew Hammond

Voices in this industry, wealth management, encourage you to save as much as possible and never spend. It is predicated on getting investors to believe a narrative that you’ll never have enough. But so many of my clients, once they save enough for retirement and legacy plans, don’t give themselves permission to enjoy it. It’s […]

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From The Desk of Carmen Grinkis

From The Desk of Carmen Grinkis

Carmen Grinkis and Wife

I recently returned from the Northern California Financial Planning Conference held in San Francisco. I participate in continuing education opportunities on a routine basis, and this trip was a special treat—known as one of the best in the country and attended by more than 1,000 planners across the U.S. This year’s conference focused heavily on […]

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